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Jim Matthews

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For over thirty years I worked for Spectrum Glass Company (now Oceanside Glasstile), in sales and marketing, product development and business development. One of our many innovations during that time was System 96 -- the extensive family of expansion-matched fusing glasses that make these projects possible.
Jim Matthews
Wherein we create interesting glass projects, demo useful techniques, look at the materials and tools of the craft and generally indulge our passion for all things vitreous.
"It's good to be curious, about many things ... You can grow ideas in the garden of your mind ..." 

Mr. Rogers
An illustrated directory of the glass fusing project videos made available by your friendly neighborhood Glasshoppa, and made possible by glass loving Patrons like you.
The simplicity of glass fusing is this:  we shape pieces of colored glass and position them according to some design, then heat the project in a high-temperature kiln until they bond, meld or fuse.

The complexities of glass fusing are endless -- as are the varieties of tools, materials, projects and possibilities. Thus the improbable and somewhat tenuous existance of Glasshoppa Dot Com.